• Abstract wallpapers

    Abstract wallpapers

    Abstract wallpapers enjoy an incredible popularity in recent years. They almost overtook, in classical design, such a hit as florals. Maybe because Abstract wallcoverings are really versatile. They suit almost any space and style. Abstract patterns will never get boring, but always seem to have a new look, depending on the visual angle, change of light or..
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  • English style

    English style

    English style wallpapers always have a new, fresh and modern look because of the wish to keep traditions, but with a new present-day inspiration. The distinguishing features of the style are the highly artistic drawings, very realistic and with many small details. Fine roses, tulips, jacinths look so full of life that you can try to feel their..
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  • Aquarelle Wallpaper

    Aquarelle Wallpaper

    Aquarelle wallcoverings theme - is a new real trend of interior design, very fascinating and exclusive. Ages ago it took weeks and even sometimes years to turn a wall into a watercolour mural. Now this hard work is replaced by a fast and eco-friendly process of printing with water based inks. Due..
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  • Industrial wall coverings

    Industrial wall coverings

    Modern wallpapers can perfectly fit the urban habitat. Bare white walls mostly look too boring and impersonal, while an industrial wallpaper in the Loft-style can put very felicitous and unconventional accents on any space. Industrial wallcoverings imitating stone, brick, rough-hewn planks and..
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  • 3D wallcovering

    3D wallcovering

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  • Baroque wallpaper

    Baroque wallpaper

    Baroque absolutely is the most luxurious style in interior design. And no wonder that "Baroque" is translated as "pretentious". This style is also called Palace style: the pearl of Baroque is the French Versailles. The Baroque wallpaper - it's a palette of bright, saturated colours and precious..
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  • Geometric wallcoverings

    Geometric wallcoverings

    Geometric wallpaper will change the sense of space in your flat and then will create a new one. The modern geometry is full of intricate labyrinths of broken lines, remarkable shapes and optical illusions. Dots, stripes, circles, squares and triangles - they all not only have decorative, but also architectural functions. All these figures create..
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  • Kids wallpapers

    Kids wallpapers

    Childhood is a time to explore, to play, to dream and to fly in these dreams. Therefore, the right chosen Kids wallpapers are a chance to give your child years of joy and of immersion into the world of miracles. Kid’s wallcoverings, it is a whole fantasy world: favourite characters of fairy tales and cartoons, wizards, funny jungle inhabitants,..
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